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A Message From Brian James

A good friend of mine once said to me that I would be good at running my own Radio Station, and now the story begins. Setting up a radio station needs determination, money, foresight, planning, good friends and a will to win.
My first journey into radio was at a local FM station in Great Yarmouth many years ago where as a newbie I started presenting one show a week going up to several over the course of time and immediately I realised “this is for me.” My life had always revolved around the entertainment industry since hitchhiking to London when I was 15 (and before you say anything, yes it was a long time ago!) to sell my music and after much perseverance I received a contract to write music for Radio and TV.
Over the last few years I have learnt so much about Radio and Media and gained a lot of experience from colleagues from various stations.
March 2019 became the turning point for me as I was offered the position of station manager at a local station and within 3 months we were broadcasting with 25 presenters covering all genres to a vast audience.
Recently I was presented with the opportunity to launch my very own Radio Station and thanks to my wife Carol,  Mr Rob Polland (who I now call Mr. Whizz Kid) plus all my friends “Rural Radio UK” was created.
Come and join us on our journey…

At Rainbow Bridge

We will go beyond your expectations to ensure saying goodbye is as stress free as possible, providing dignity for your beloved pet.

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